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Dad will provide children with universal designed tecnology that supports literacy acquisition

Digital Aided Descriptions (DAD)

Encouraging learning among children through creativity and dialogue.

DAD will allow students, as a team, to create descriptions for images which may either be selected by the teacher, generally an educational image related to the lesson plan, or sets of images suggested by the DAD platform. DAD promises outstanding results when utilized in a diverse classroom. Instead of the teacher needing to fully describe images for blind or visually impaired, sighted children will work with the visually impaired child to develop comprehensive descriptions; both will be exposed to vocabulary acquisition while developing collaborative creation skills. This web-based tool will allow the teacher to monitor, read, and correct students' work in real time.


  • DAD is fully accessible.
  • DAD allows speech-to-text conversion.
  • DAD allows evaluation of vocabulary level.
  • DAD allows teachers to score and track students' improvements in areas of concern, including writing skills and creativity.
  • DAD allows teachers to write comments on the progress of their students.
  • DAD tracks and reports on vocabulary level over time for individual students.
  • DAD presents vocabulary suggestions and hints for describing, based on the student's education level, developmental stage, and the topics being addressed.


  • DAD can support English learning for ESL students.
  • DAD offers tools to support vocabulary development and enrichment.
  • DAD is a wonderful tool for collaboration among students.
  • DAD allows teachers to align tasks based on student level/interests/preferences.
  • Students could use DAD's' website to reinforce their skills at home.
  • DAD increases creativity.
  • Students will have the opportunity to socialize with students with different abilities who they might not have interacted with otherwise.
  • DAD allows students to work together, negotiate, and rely on each other while also working on vocabulary and composing sentences.

Real words about DAD during the proof of concept evaluation.

Teacher 1

The platform facilitates interaction between sighted and visually impaired students.

Teacher 2

DAD would help disadvantaged readers work with other stronger students.

Teacher 3

DAD enables students to socialize with peers while enhancing vocabulary skills.

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